Why Write

Margie Steve

Teen Scene Freelance Writer, Senior, BC ECHS (Margie Steve)

Writing oftentimes is not enjoyed by teens and young adults because we are so used to having to write either for an assignment or just the fact that we are “forced to”. Writing is important from all aspects of age groups because writing is history. Years from now, we will be able to go back and remember or teach others about events in the past from people’s writings. So why write? How do we get more teens and young adults to write?

Denise Absher, the Principal at Brunswick County Early College High School said “the more students write, the more they are preparing for the future.” Writing is an important skill that students need in order to effectively communicate and share information while allowing students to develop imagination and creativity.

Journalism in schools is a great way to start writing and putting out students ideas and work that they choose to publish. Writing doesn’t always mean something educational or historic. It can be anything you want, entertainment, sports, news, careers, latest topics, and most importantly things you’re interested in. Journalism isn’t always about words on paper, it can be drawings, pictures, and you can put your own creativity in it. Have a poem or story you’ve written; you can publish it. Had an amazing experience somewhere and want to share it, you can publish it. Or maybe you have something that’s coming up or want to advertise something, you can publish it. These are all a part of journalism and there is so much more to journalism.

Brenda Bozeman, the 5th and first female Mayor of Leland said “people should write to keep their brains active, especially the older they get the more they should read.” When you read, you are learning and nobody should ever stop learning.

Dana King, the president of the Board and Directors for Brunswick Art Council said “writing is an emotional connection to an audience you wouldn’t reach otherwise.” It is another way to find your voice, but gives you a choice to not necessarily put your name or face out there.

It is important for teens to learn the importance of writing from adults and leaders of our community, but it is also valuable to know why some teens write, instead of just writing for an assignment.

Jazmine Garcia, The winner of Teen Scenes 2021 award for “Reviews” said she writes because it is meaningful to get my voice and opinions out to the public. She stated that “writing  traditionally in a newspaper is a dying art, especially in this digital age of technology.

Arabella Ong. The winner of Teen Scenes 2021 award for “Creativity” said she writes to express her thoughts and to advocate for her beliefs. She stated “Young teens are very valuable right now because it is creating a fresh mindset and is putting out something traditional that everyone can read and hear our voices.”

There is more to writing than just words on paper, when writing it is important that we have true and reliable information in our writings. Without the truth, how can we learn from the past? Dana Fisher, executive director of North Brunswick Chamber said “report what you see, not what you hear.” It is important to report the truth, and nothing but the truth. She said “what you see will set you free because it is what you witness, not a theory of what somebody else had said.”

As the world evolves with a new generation of young leaders, it is valuable that we have voices from not only our leaders now, but teens who will become the leaders of tomorrow. Write what changes you want to make, write about your experiences, write and make history. Be the “Tomorrow’s Voices Today” (Teen Scene Motto).