Thinking of Ukraine

D.G. Neizmik

Angry, confused and afraid,
For their Freedom and safety, I will pray.
There I was, boarding a plane,
I knew I had to go to Ukraine,
I will join in their fight,
On the side of what’s right…
When freedom is gone,
And you’re left on your own,
To face that kind of hell,
You should not be alone…
I’ll gladly fight by your side,
For your freedom and pride,
Against evil and wrong,
To send it back where it’s from..
They might be bigger than you,
But, not stronger, it’s true,
Someday history will tell,
Just how hard they fell…
And praise will be spoken,
About your spirit unbroken,
Your freedom bravely earned,
Ukraine will return…
But, that was only a dream,
And their suffering is real,
Frustrated, helpless, not much we can do,
Feeling the pain of what they’re going through…
I’m just one old Army Vet,
I’d only be in their way,
But, for their Freedom and safety,
I will pray.