A Few Things that I Know…..

D.G. Neizmik

Sometimes I like to pretend, that Heaven is on the Moon,
So I can see my brothers, who left this world too soon,
I’m sure that they are up there, where all the good ones go,
And I’m grateful that they taught me… a few things that I know.
Just be yourself ~ and you’ll be okay,
Take time to smile, and laugh each day,
Do your work with honor, and be fair when you play,
And always lend a helping hand, all along the way.
Always be humble, and always be kind,
Always think twice, before you make up your mind,
Always be thoughtful, honest and good,
And do everything, you said that you would.
Always do your best, for others to see,
Treat everyone, the way that you want to be,
Always be faithful, loving and true,
And the love that you give, will come back to you.
Keep the wind at your back, and never back down,
Make the most of your luck, when luck comes around,
Take care of yourself and your health, everyday,
And look in every direction, before you head on your way.
Be courageous and strong, throughout your day,
Don’t let the troubles of the world, get in your way,
Believe in yourself, and the things that you say,
Just let the fire in your heart, light your way.
It’s wisdom shared by brothers… a few things that I know,
I always take it with me, everywhere I go,
Now I share it with you, to consider everyday,
Just be yourself ~ and you’ll be okay.