Nature’s Life



The mountain so high 

With its age so old and wise

It has seen many things over the years

And yet still grows ever so slow

With the mountain so high 

On top of it I feel alive 


With our trees breath

Gives life to those who sees

With the bearings to bring new life

Their flowers come and goes 

With the trees that breathe

With their breath we do live


Water rushing so fast

It falls from the sky

or flowing like life

It’s always moving and never stop

With water always moving

We can relate it to life


The beasts touch 

Which is gentle and soft

Never meaning to harm another

The animals that walk on earth

With the touch of its hands 

That bring life to this realm


But Cliffs being brought to their knees

Trees Suffocating by this smoke 

The water now still, block by trash

Gentle creatures trusting their newfound hunters

Only humans think they’ll survive this purge 

But Nature’s death done by its own


Will lead to the fall of all