Veteran Suicide, A Tragedy, Part 1 – Women Veterans

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John Hacker

Author: John Hacker

Part 1…..

Women Veterans make up a growing segment of our Veteran community. Women Veterans have a significantly higher suicide risk than their non-Veteran civilian counterparts (adjusting for differences in age). Their risk for suicide is 2.4 times higher among female Veterans when compared with U.S. civilian adult females (Suicide Among Veterans and Other Americans 2001-2014, VA Office for Suicide Prevention, Aug. 3, 2016).

Communities often fail to recognize women as Veterans.

We Must Consider reaching out to our community partners to ensure that any messaging for Veterans considers women and men.

We must reach out to key leaders in the community who can help connect them to local resources.

Women Veterans face many unique challenges, such as care giving responsibilities and asking for help when in need.

Health care providers should take care to assess all women in crisis against the same criteria used for men.

Suicide rates among women Veterans have increased, and it is time for communities to expand their recognition of and resources for women Veterans to be able to help them and all Veterans connect one another to services.

We are here to raise Awareness to the community about Veteran Suicide.

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