A 4th of July “Walk”

Gerald Decker, Magnolia Greens

Several months ago, I discovered that Magnolia Greens would not host their July 4th Parade. I was really looking forward to it. We haven’t had a good parade in this community since 2018. In 2020, my neighbors, Jim and Sallie Buell, joined me in a walk down Grandiflora to celebrate July 4th. In 2021, I walked it alone.

But this year was different! After a few messages on social media, the crowd showed up-all 20 of us. Except for the fire trucks, motorcycles, and bystanders, it was like a real parade.

Fun was had by all, and all sorts of muscle creams were used the next day.

Many thanks to all who participated. And thanks for all the nice comments on social media about what we were trying to say by walking.