A Lotto Hope

Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer


 A LOTTO HOPE…                by Dan Neizmik – Hearthstone.



He has a scratch off ticket, he purchased years ago,

And he carries it with him, everywhere he goes,

He could scratched it off, but he says that he won’t,

When you’re not sure what you’ve got, a lotto ticket gives you hope.


 He keeps it in his pocket, and takes it out from time to time,

It’s his symbol of hope and how he keeps hope alive,

He says he knows that hope, is just a state of mind,

But we all need a little hope, if we hope to survive.


He doesn’t claim it’s lucky, or anything like that,

But, he says his good luck, far out weights his bad,

And scratching off that ticket, sure has crossed his mind,

But, he says that hope today is just too hard to find.


That ticket gives him a lotto hope, in times when he has none,

He tells his wife to scratch it off, when his time is done,

And if she wins a bunch of money, he says it’s not to save,

But, when she comes to visit, just leave a cold beer on his grave!