VA Life insurance program coming January 2023

VA Life insurance program coming January 2023

VA Life insurance program coming January 2023 for Veterans with service connection

VA will launch a new life insurance program called Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife), which provides guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance coverage to Veterans aged 80 and under, with any level of service-connected disability. Some Veterans aged 81 and older may also be eligible.

Guaranteed acceptance is a whole-life policy that does not require a medical exam or ask health questions.  Premium rates are locked in for the life of the policy and, unlike term policies, will not increase as the policyholder ages.

All service-connected Veterans aged 80 and under with 0-100% VA disability ratings are eligible. Fully automated online enrollment with instant approvals. Coverage comes in increments of $10,000, up to a maximum of $40,000. There is a two-year waiting period for full face value coverage to take effect. No medical requirements for enrollment. Cash value builds over the policy’s life after the first two years.

The application for VALife will go live on Jan. 1, 2023. Stay tuned for more information on VALife and the application process. Once the program is open, the application will be available online at

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