My Love of Art

Rayna M. Chew, 11th Grade, NBHS, BCC


I use many different mediums in my artwork, such as, graphite, pen, color pencil, paint, spray paint, mixed media and ink. Realism is my favorite style of art but I also do surrealistic art which is a very dreamlike style. I also take photographs of nature occasionally. I’ve been creating art pieces since 2018, and have been doing photography since 2020. I love making personal things or just making gifts for people and seeing their happiness. My biggest achievement was getting one of my artworks on the cover of a new children’s book called, “The Tooth Fairy Castle.” Other accomplishments include being featured on the local news, selling my art pieces at a festival, and making tattoo designs for close family members. I’m currently in early college, so my next goal is to find a job working with a local artist to have more hands-on opportunities.


Here are some of my favorite pieces of artwork.


Rayna Chew