Halloween Lights

Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer

He finally broke his silence,

One day at the asylum,

And the secrets he was hiding,

Had all the other patients frightened…


They were very scared of him, you see,

When they saw him, they’d call security,

Sometimes he simply smiled at them,

And they’d lock themselves in solitary confinement!


Once day at quiet time, they heard a crazy sound,

It seems some kinda nut, pulled the fire alarm,

The patients were confused and everything was hazy,

I think it drove them all a little crazy!


All of sudden, they all ran out,

Yelling “what the heck’s this about”,

Finally, they broke down the wall,

And just like that, they were out!


The guards gave chase and the hounds were released,

But he was already, headed for the creek,

Once in the water, the dogs chased an otter,

An old woman and a guy named Zeke…


Now he is on the loose and no one can find him,

Leaving those shock treatments behind him,

But please don’t worry, he’ll be good,

Oh yeah, I hear he’s living in your neighborhood…


They say he should surrender, for everyone’s safety,

Really, what do they think ~ that he’s crazy?

I’m sure it will be easy to find his replacement,

Oh yeah, one more thing, don’t go into your basement…


Well, I think I’ve told you all I should,

He says he has left that asylum for good,

So tonight, you can go to bed and sleep tight,

But, don’t turn out your “Halloween lights”!     Happy Halloween!!!