The Purple Ribbon

Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer

THE PURPLE RIBBON …. A Poem by Dan Neizmik


One summer night I saw a star, shining brightly from afar,

It shined its light down at my feet and led me away down to her street,

And on her street, I saw her house, so many questions, so many doubts,

Then in the light, I saw her there, a “Purple Ribbon” in her hair,

I smiled at her and she smiled at me, she was the prettiest girl I’d ever see,

I’d never guessed, who ever knew, beneath star light dreams can come true.


And in the night, I heard her sing…


“Star light, Star bright, please send true love to me tonight,

And if you do, I’ll treat them right and I will love them, ‘til the end of time”.

And so, I climbed up to her roof, I knew my love I must prove,

We danced and laughed all through the night, we fell in love beneath star light,

She took that ribbon from her hair and tied it around my arm to show she cared,

That “Purple Ribbon” will always be, a symbol of love for all to see,

And then she said that I must go, before the dawn and she grew cold,

And so, I left before sunrise, as star light glimmered in her eyes.

Later that day I went back to her street, and could not believe what I would see,

Her house was empty, windows broken out, I stood and watched as they tore it down,

I asked her neighbor, if she knew where, was the pretty girl with Purple Ribbon in her hair?


She said I’m sorry, did you not know, she passed away some years ago,

I said we were in love, she said that cannot be, then her eyes grew wide, as she stared at me,

She said boy wait, I mean no harm, but how can her “Purple Ribbon” be tied on your arm(?)


“Star light, Star bright, please return my love to me tonight,

And if you do, I’ll treat her right and I will love her, ‘til the end of time.”


One summer night, a shining star,

Will bring her back into my arms.