Generational Health Begins With You…

Victor Fernandes, Contributing Writer

By:  Victor Fernandes


You can call it a tagline.
A catchphrase.
Even a mantra.

I call it my turning point in life – the years when I finally decided to take control of my life so I can be at my best, for myself and those who count on me, and now teach others through my business, Fernandes Fit, to do the same.

There is no one on this planet harder on me than me. If I’m not doing right by myself and those most important in my life, I know it and I do something about it.

The old me, though, didn’t like who I saw in the mirror and what I thought of myself, and I wasn’t willing to do anything to change that.

I was all talk and no action, especially when it came to my health and fitness.

Getting healthy and fit sounded good as the thought crossed my mind.

“I’m going to work out and get healthy. I’m going to lose weight and get in shape,” I often thought to myself. I would vow, “I’m going to stick to it this time.”

And I would…for a month, maybe two. Then the excuses would creep back in.

“I’m too busy at work.”
“There’s a lot going on at home.”
“I’ll get back to it next month, or when life starts to quiet down.”

Deep down, I knew the truth. I couldn’t fool the man in the mirror.

After nearly two decades of living an unhealthy lifestyle, I took control of my life in my late 30s by first taking control of my health and fitness – because I finally had no other choice.

My third and youngest son, Zach, was born 12 years ago. My wife, Shelly, was diagnosed with cancer less than a year later.

Two major slaps across the face that forced me to address a reality I ignored for two decades. Either get healthy on my terms, or life will decide an alternate – and much less appealing – fate. And if I allowed life to decide, what would happen to my family if life kept me from being there for them when they need me?

That’s reality for so many of us in today’s society. Studies show that more than 70% of adults across this nation are considered overweight or obese.

Allow me to provide an alternate reality we should pursue…

Although we’re not getting any younger, our best years remain ahead of us. If we’re willing to take simple steps to make that possible – making quality choices, eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise, enjoying proper rest.

We all know this. You don’t need me to tell you that. Yet so many people still don’t take positive steps forward in life – because they believe they can’t, or simply won’t. So, here’s what I recommend – start with one step.

Make one subtle change, then another, and another. Before long, you’ll witness positive change across all facets of your life. You’ll be healthier, and happier.

But that change begins with you.

If you need help with taking that first step, or any challenges you face on your health and fitness journey, I’m here to help. Contact me at 814.504.7774 or by email at [email protected] to get started. You can also get more information on my website at