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Family, group of people

Ellie Triplett, Cedar Grove 6th grade



A man sat on his porch. It was a dark morning. That evening he looked at old photos of when he

was a kid. He was born in 1954. He saw a photo of his mom who died in 1966. Suddenly…..

BAM! He was in 1965. He heard the sound of his mom calling. “Isaac!”. He saw his mom in his

old yard.


“Nice to meet you,” said his mom.

He asked, “You can see me?”

“Yes, “she answered

“Wow this is amazing. My name is lu…. Luke.”

“Hi my name is Susan”


The man’s 11-year-old self comes home and interrupts his mom and him. He stares at his older

self weirdly. Thinking about why does this man look like me and do I know him? Susan starts to

talk to both of them.


“Lucas meet Luke.” Susan clarifies

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you. I love your shirt.”

“Thank you, this is actually my favorite shirt. I love your shirt too.”

The two of them began talking. They discussed the year he was born and how it was the second

year of the Vietnam War. Luke said he was in the war and Lucas should join. Maybe he would

like it. Susan said he should not talk about the war and not get ahead of himself. Lucas is only 11

years old.


“But mom I really like war and I am interested in joining the Navy Seals. I would love to ride a

ship. Many kids my age have dads in the Navy.” cried Lucas.

“Did you know that I was in the Navy and rode a ship? Oh boy did I love it.” said Luke.



Susan later convinced Luke to have dinner with them. Lucas said that he was playing baseball and

asked if Luke would attend his baseball game. They went to dinner, but not like Luke

remembered when he was a kid. He met a girl that night, Mary Lee. He knew she was the one.

They went to Mickey’s diner.


Later that night, Luke could not sleep. He went downstairs and turned on the radio and got some

chocolate milk. He saw Lucas praying, “Please let Luke be my new dad. Amen.”


“Hey buddy, why are you not sleeping?”

“I was just praying.”

“I can’t be your dad bud. I am so sorry; you don’t know who I really am.”


Susan yelled go to bed. “Y’all I am not going to say that again. I am trying to go to bed!” Luke

tucked Lucas in bed and said good night. All night Lucas sat in bed thinking of baseball and

the game he had tomorrow.


“I am ready for the game mom, let’s go.”

“Boy if you don’t chill out then you will be in big trouble.”

“Now wait for me to get ready for the game.”


They left the house and arrived at the game. Luke saw the girl from the diner. This time he talked

to Mary Lee. Ten years later, they married and that boy Lucas still is happy.


I wonder what happened to him. Well, that is another story we don’t have time for. I bet you’re

wondering how I know all this….. I am Mary Lee Wood and it’s my husband’s story.