Where the Fox Sat

Ellie Triplett, Cedar Grove Middle School-6th grade


She sat on the road thinking about what she can do for the summer. School just ended. Lashay had one friend and she had gone to summer school. Lashay’s mother had just left for work where she was a lawyer.

Lashay went upstairs and sat at her window. It was nothing more than a small piece of glass just big enough for her face to peek through. She sat and stared at the forest.

She lived in a tall, two-story, white house with a black door. The house had eight rooms and two kitchens. She and her mother had been living in that house for ten years, it had been one year since her dad died. One year since she lost her best friend. While staring out of her window, all of a sudden, she saw a fox staring back at her.

She was surprised to see a fox. Since they built the new interstate, most of the wildlife was scarce, even in the small forest by her house.

She ran downstairs and outside but the fox was gone. The next day she saw a note outside. She unfolded it. The note read, “My sweetheart, I’m not gone, and I love you. I will never forget you.