Brunswick County Veterans’ Coalition




What is the Brunswick County Veterans’ Coalition?  Several years ago, the Director of the Department of Veteran Affairs Winston-Salem Regional Office indicated only 35% of the veterans within the boundaries of North Carolina use the benefits they earned while in service.  One of the objectives of the Coalition is to remedy this.  Many veterans don’t know what they have available to them and/or don’t know how to apply for the benefits.

The Coalition has representatives from over 40 veteran organizations within Brunswick County and some from New Hanover County who attend meetings held every other month on the second Wednesday at 10:00 AM to listen to guest speakers, VA accredited service officers, representatives from Congressman Rouzer’s office who brief the assembled group on topics of interest not only to the veteran but their family members as well.  This is a forum which provides representatives from these veteran organizations the tools they need to return to their respective organizations to assist the veterans in their outfits.  The next meeting will be in Building N of the Brunswick County Government Complex located at 25 Referendum Dr in Bolivia, NC.

Occasionally, the Coalition is made aware of a veteran who is in need of assistance.  Often, the needs of a veteran exceed the resources of a particular veteran post, detachment, etc.  The Coalition is an organization where the collective resources of many member organizations pool their resources together to take care of the veteran’s needs.

In summary, this outfit does not have fees or collects any funds.  Its focus is to help veterans through the sharing of vital information and, at times, assisting veterans in need.  If your veteran organization does not send a representative to its meetings, it should!