Draft TS SBHS The Boast of Karsen

Karsen Hanna, 12th Grade, South Brunswick High School


Hailed from the land of maize fields and Bucks eyes,

Descended of golden hair, child of the emerald eyes.

One amongst the median in my family;

Of sound and song, I am fulfilled.

Traveler of distant land, bearer of the timeless soul,

A spirit unbound from this world and denizen of the greater wild,

A heart unbound by the prison of the peoples purpose;

A seamless connector of man and maker, the negotiator of the sky’s guardian and His subjects.

An alternate Icarus, a spirit of flight and fire;

Powerful yet persuasive, cunning, yet compassionate, dyed to the wool yet detached from any outside authority.

One of the winds’ heart, in pursuit of true freedom,

Bound till and to death by the goal of true life.