A Moment in Time

How do you want to be remembered?


Dan Dodge

Lighting Christmas Candles

Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer

How is it going to be this December,
When another year on earth has ended,
Did you help your fellow man?
Or, did you turn your back on him?
We all have to face the choices that we make…
And how do you want to be Remembered,
When your time here on earth has ended,
As somebody who was kind each day?
Or, one whose mind was filled with hate?
You know it’s up to you, and everything you do…
Spread your life out on the table,
And sort through it, if you’re able,
To separate the good from the bad…
Then brush the bad onto the floor,
To be forgotten, evermore,
And be thankful for the good you have…
Take a look deep inside your Soul,
All the answers will be there I know,
I hope you’ll choose to spend your moments in time
By doing good and being kind…
And take a look deep inside your Heart,
That’s where peace, love and kindness start,
I hope you’ll choose to spend your moments in time,
Spreading kindness, love and peace of mind…
Just a moment in time, is all that it takes,
When you choose to be kind what a difference it makes,
In the blink of an eye your whole world could change,
And your life could be defined by just a moment in time.
And now another year has come to pass,
It’s final midnight approaches fast,
We’ll sing our songs of Auld Lang Syne,
But, how will we choose to spend these
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,moments in time?
(c) Copyright 2021 Dan Neizmik

May 2023 find you Happy, Healthy and Prosperous.
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!