Our Beloved Guardian Angels


Brendan Connelly

As the holiday season approaches, it makes us think of and remember dear family members, close friends, and pets who are no longer with us, who we miss each and every day and wish we could have spent more time with. Our  loved ones are never really gone as they are still very much alive in our minds, hearts, and spirit. They walk with us and follow us everywhere we go, watching down on us, protecting us from harm.  There are so many ways to show they are still with us.  We can picture their faces and remember their voices.  We see their picture, remember countless holiday memories and stories they told us.  We remember a special place that reminds us of them, a special food, or special clothing that helps us keep their memories alive.

When we wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, if we listen closely, we can hear them saying hello and telling us that they are still here by our side watching down on us every day.  If we gaze closely into the shining sun, we can see our loved ones smiling back down on us.  If we look up at the stars at night, our loved ones are shining their light down on us.  When we see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, beautiful flowers and feel the calming breeze, these are all God’s examples that there is still goodness in the world and God speaking to us, that everything is going to be ok and our loved ones are with us everywhere we go, through it all.

God is telling us to appreciate all of nature’s beauty and live each day to the fullest. Be happy and remain positive every day. Keep following your dreams because God put us all on this earth for a reason.   When we wake up each morning and go to bed every night, thank God that we are healthy and that we are alive, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Not everyone is given the chance to grow old. Appreciate each day to its fullest because, none of us know when we will take our final breath.  Stay safe, healthy, and happy every day, especially during the holidays. Our Guardian Angels are up there in heaven watching down on us keeping us safe.