A Shadowy Christmas

Ellie T., Reporter

Casy came home late one night. When she walked in the door, she was approached by her mom. Her mom exclaimed,“Young lady, we thought that we could trust you, guess not!”. She stomped her way up the stairs. “Blah, blah blah, this is the worst Christmas Eve ever.” she mumbled. Casy put her bag down, and sat there. “Why this Christmas? I am 15 now.  I can’t be treated that way.” she cried. 

The next morning she went down stairs. Her family was all down there waiting. “Um, hello it’s Christmas, let’s get started.” she remarked. 

“Ew, mom. All I got was 23 things, and half are clothes.” she bellowed. 

Her brother exclaimed, “WOW, mom! A new iPhone! Thanks SO much!”

“Oh so he gets the phone? Ugh” she remarked disgustedly. “I’ll never have another Christmas again!” she screamed with hatred and disgust.

Next Christmas came along….. Casy went down stairs, “So let‘s get started” she said. There was no response. “Well, they still must be asleep,” she said to herself. Casy headed into her parents room. “They’re not home. Where are they?” she thought to herself. There was a loud clatter down the stairs. 

To her surprise there was….. a shadow. There was something special to this shadow, there was nothing to produce it. She ran as fast as she could. Then he was right in front of her.  

                                                      To be Continued…