Dan Neizmik, Leland


(It’s amazing what they can do nowadays.  You could end-up  living forever without any of your original parts!)


When part of me wears out, they know just what to do,

And I know from the start, I’ll be damn near good as new…

The operation went great and I got a new left knee today,

Now it matches the right knee they gave me just last May…


Not long ago, I got replacement shoulders,

New elbows and wrists and they pulled my two back molars

Then, they examined my back and said: “let’s insert some new discs”,

And while we’re at it, let’s replace those hips


And how about some new valves inside of that old heart,

And if he has good insurance, maybe some other fancy parts…

Then I told Doctor: “I feel like the Six Million Dollar Man”,

He said: “Oh, you’ve seen the bill, that’s just the first exam”!                                                                                                                                                                             

When I went to the DMV, at license renewal time,

They told me with my new parts, I’m much too young to drive…

But, I know I’ll be appreciated, when I’ve reached my final day,

They’re sure to recycle me, I’m way too good to throw away!


Just taking it one step at a time… considering  foot replacements!!!