There are Roses

There are Roses

Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer



(A Rose is a symbol of Love, Promise, Hope and New Beginnings)…


It’s easy to get caught up, in the troubles of our time,

And they only seem to get worse, the hard that we try,

I think we need to slow down, and look for Roses in our lives,

You can find them in the children, in an old friend, or a good time.

Let the Roses make you happy, make you sit-up and take notice,

That this world isn’t really so bad, if we only take the time…


to smell the Roses.


Roses aren’t just flowers, they’re all the good things in your life,

They are there for you, to see you through, and help you to get by,

A Rose can be someone you know, or the things you like to do,

And you’ll never be alone, if you keep your Roses close to you.

So, if the Roses make you happy, then, I hope you’ll pay it forward,

We can make this world a better place, if we only take the time…


to smell the Roses.


I wish I had a garden, or a great big flower store,

I’d give everyone a Rose, and I’d then tell them what it’s for,

Let the Roses end our problems, end the anger and the hate,

If we could all learn to get along, the world would be a better place.

And everybody would be happy, no more troubles, no more woes,

I believe that we could save this world, if we only take the time…


to smell the Roses.

Did you see the sunshine?



Did you see the Roses?

Did you stop to smell them?

Did you even notice?


Sometimes we need to slow down, and take a look around,

Among the chaos and the troubles and the problems,

Among the worries and the fears, we’ve all got them.

There will be good times and sunshine and Roses,

Yes… There are Roses…


“The End”