Is Homework Necessary?

SOOO Much Work!



An elementary aged child working on homework.

Finley A., Reporter

There are a lot of arguments if homework is necessary. Some people argue it is required to help students learn while others claim the workload overwhelms students. At Cedar Grove Middle, I took a survey to find out what the kids thought. A tremendous 52.6% of students surveyed said no. Their comments were, “I feel that homework can be very frustrating and also may make people feel drained because we already come to school most hours of each school day in 5 days.” I can’t say I disagree. At times, the homework can be very difficult and students claim to need help with it but can’t get it while they’re at home. 

Furthermore, a whopping 31.6% of students surveyed said maybe. One student commented saying, “I put maybe as a yes and no and my reason for that is, if you’re not at school they can assign you homework while you’re at home. If you go to school you shouldn’t get any homework because  you sat and studied for 8 hours of the day.” They make a fair point.  

Lastly, 15.8% of students surveyed said yes, there should be homework. Here is what one of the students said, “Yes, because people aren’t gonna know everything unless you have a good amount of practice.”  

Of all the students surveyed, fifty-eight percent were male and forty-two percent were female. In my personal opinion, I say maybe. I agree with the kids that said it made them feel drained and exhausted. But homework can be useful if you are struggling and need extra help. However, if you are doing well in school and can understand what you are doing, I think it is unnecessary.  

What are your thoughts on this? Should kids have homework?