Selah of the Seas

Selah of the Seas

Caroline Ruth Bailey, Holden Beach



Come back to self, Child

All bleary, weary, teary-eyed with nameless longing

Searching clouds, sands, counting waves in breathless anxiousness

yet no appearance with the incoming tides


Now, distant blackness hovering over the breakline

ushers’ simple salvation, quells the searching for an instant


Oh, quickly now! Quiet, Child!

Our help, She comes with the Pelicans


Breathing now gentles for set teeth un-clenching upon their arrival

With humbled grateful greeting those in full view

silent seekless vessels of wonder, most Ancient of Days in Ancient of Ways

Selah of the Seas


Quickly now, Child! Go join their Great V

Leave behind your solitary U


Albeit with stiffness and clumsiness, spread dusty wings and follow the Pelicans

Soundless undulations of grey ivory winged bodies levitating over grey green waves

Rest in oneness, without identification, sweet separate-less-ness


Safely in the Great V

Soar now into harmony

Flying home to U