Jadon Smith, Shallotte



When we think about the word “Love,” what truly is it? Some reading this would describe love as the emotion you get having butterflies in your stomach. The fuzzy feeling when around someone you like. Where you get goosebumps hearing the voice of this beautiful person’s presence, the hairs on your arms sticking straight up.

Others reading this would describe love as the little gesture you do to show someone who cares about them, by fixing their bed sheets and purchasing gifts for this special person like as if it were their birthday. Love, as with many other emotions is a form of communication. Everyone reading this article, yes, you! has a unique form of “Love” we all have to show another that they are adored. This is called: “Love language.”

Coined by Dr. Gary Chapman of Winston-Salem, NC. States there are five different ways to express love through love language: Words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. Out of these five different ways to express love, one of these is your dominant form of communication.

No matter which one of these you use, communication is a powerful tool. We use language as a way to express or respond to others. However, the biggest thing many forget about “love” is that the emotion is not given to others but can give to yourself.

Self-love is taking care of yourself. Brushing your hair, flossing, drinking water. To many, this would come across as motor functions. On the flip side, these simple actions are an accomplishment to earn at the end of a long journey. Not all can continue a long fight, giving up. Affecting their health. With everyone on their phones nowadays, maintaining relationships can be a struggle.

There are many different ways to express love. Whether it be through love language or learning how to love yourself. This is a robust and raw emotion that encourages us to be motivated in life.