Waller Family Pre-Thanksgiving Scare – Part 1

Waller Family Pre-Thanksgiving Scare - Part 1

Brendan Connelly, Contributing Writer


One week before Thanksgiving, the Waller Family faced the roughest and scariest time of their lives. The parents John and Karen had to go out to a board meeting and had to leave their twin boys Tommy and Timmy alone with a babysitter. Nobody would ever believe what would happen that night. A few hours after the parents left, the babysitter Sharon was alone with the kids. The night was quiet and peaceful. At 8pm, Sharon put the kids to bed. At that moment, the night would change drastically.

At that moment a window was smashed. Within minutes she was strangled and shot dead by two bad guys, Mario, and George. They were mass murderers out to steal loads of money, kill people and then escape to a secluded island in the Bahamas to live the rich life.

After they dumped Sharon’s body into the Delaware River, they returned to go after the kids. They stowed the kids into their car and drove them around. They at first fooled the kids, trying to be nice to them. They took the kids to an arcade and a ball field, but both times they ran off to a bank, stole money, and came back.

They tricked them again when they promised them to take them on a boat ride. They sailed around for a few hours. But then they turned evil. They docked the boat in the water, roped the kids in their seats and promised they would come back and take them anywhere they wanted to go. They locked the door and left. The kids would never realize until many hours later that they would never be back.

Back home, their parents began to panic, asking everyone in their neighborhood if they had seen them or heard anything. All Karen and John could do was sit and sob, begging that their precious children be returned to them, unharmed. Karen and John couldn’t work, couldn’t eat, and rarely slept. All they could think of were the kids.

Each day they would go in to wake up the kids, imaging them there, and go into the car, drive to their school to drop them off, and then realize once they got there that the kids were never there. They would then run into the house sobbing in tears. They would repeat this sequence daily.

They thought about calling their neighbors but decided not to. They felt there were no use trying. They were too sad to even talk to anyone. The parents at this point were completely depressed and felt like they needed a miracle to happen. The parents would not ever believe what would happen on the fourth fateful night.

During the day on the fourth day of them missing, Karen heard there would be a storm coming in that night, which will bring heavy rain and wind. Karen and John continued to be worried about their kids and hoped that the weather would not have anything to do with the incident with their kids.

However, the fear in their minds told them that something was going to go wrong. They feared that the storm would impact where the kids are and what would happen to them. The drama was only beginning as the sky began to cloud up and as day turned to night.