Is This Area Growing Too Fast?

Is This Area Growing Too Fast?

Jan Morgan-Swegle, Editor

Editor-Cape Fear Voices (Jan Morgan-Swegle)




Anyone who lives in Leland and the surrounding communities knows that we are experiencing a tremendous amount of growth in both the retail and residential sectors.   According to a report dated January 10, 2023,   The Star News reported that Brunswick Forest, one of the largest residential developments in Leland, will be expanding to the tune of 237 new housing units.

According to the report, “This new section of the development would be called ‘Cypress West.’ The expansion looks to add 15 apartment buildings, three of which would be dedicated as senior housing.  The number of units in each of the three senior housing buildings varies from 32 to 34, with 99 of the 237 total new units dedicated as senior apartments.”

While I have every reason to believe that this expansion would seamlessly integrate into the beautiful Brunswick Forest landscape, I have to ask, is this area growing too fast?

Last year, the Town of Leland heard from a developer that looked to the Malmo Loop area on I 74/76 to create approximately 4,000 single family homes, 693 townhomes, 300 multi-family dwellings and 23 acres of commercial space.

I am all for growth in our community, but do we have the infrastructure in place, or is it planned, to support this growth?

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