Niyah Messer, 12th Grade SBHS

Niyah Messer

The Autumn season was finally near, colored leaves covered the ground and the air was crisp. The wind blew in my hair as I walked through the park, an area filled with children’s laughter. Oh, to be a kid again, so young and free now I am older less freedom is there for me. The stress of college will start soon as I go to the mountains, the pretty area known as Boone. A place where education is great and the air is cold. The thought of being alone is scary until you do it then you realize it is not as scary as you think. All I could ever dream was to be successful and live my life, working hard as a kid to get to this point in my life. I want to make my family and teachers proud. I stress myself to do the work for the best grades to get to where I need to be. Everyone tells you once you leave high school you are on your own which is true, the thought may be scary but we can all make it if we try. Working hard can get you to where you need to be which is why parents are hard on their kids for grades. I never understood that when I was younger, I was just doing what I was told. But now that I am older, I see what they mean. Parts of me wish I worked harder but I worked enough to get accepted into my dream school and once I am there, I will work even harder my next 8 years. Hard work gets you a lot of places and is worth every ounce of effort. My advice to you is to work hard, study and listen, you will get so far in life if you do. Do not ever give up no matter how hard it is. Nothing is Impossible, you got this!