Into The Mind of An Overthinker

Aaron Maynor, 12th Grade SBHS

Aaron Maynor

Envision this. You are trapped in an obnoxiously loud yet eerily quiet house. This house is bright and full of life on the outside. Yet the rooms that lay on the inside are dark, cold and furthermore, empty. These are rooms with no ending and a beginning that has been lost in the abyss. Welcome into the mind of an overthinker.


The Residence: You have reached the surface of an overthinker. I like to call it the house that is waiting to be sold. Houses that are on the market and open for viewing are consistently in pristine condition. The outside of the house, along with the property, is the first thing a potential buyer sees so it must always be well-kept. The aforementioned first impression is important to an overthinker. The lawn is catered to daily, the house is freshly pressure washed, and the list continues. The salesman’s ultimate goal is to sell the house with the flaws and sins remaining unknown for the better concern of the purchaser. It is his driven assignment to avoid showing the dark secrets the family that built the home has concealed within the walls. Why? The residence loses market value when it has been damaged by its past. If the walls of the house witnessed a horrific event, the house is not as valuable as it once was. If the walls of the house were abused by the previous owners, it is not as valuable as it once was.