True Paintings

Kennedy S., 12th Grade South Brunswick High School

A little town called Monet held such mystery and marvelous beauty. Monet also had a painter named Dante Coronado. Dante was a gifted artist who could paint anyone or anything with extraordinary detail. Dante was such a passionate artist that everyone wanted to be painted by him. To have such an exceptional art piece would be like winning the lottery. So, Dante devoted his time and efforts to painting people to share the beauty of the art and people as they were.

Every day he would go into the center where sat a winsome water fountain that had sculpted details of nature and elegance to paint the first soul that would appear by the fountain. The first person that Dante set his eyes on was a little child that appeared with grace as she wandered toward him with curiosity. She approached him with a question, “Could you paint something for me, Sir?” to which Dante replied with a chuckle, followed by him nodding as he sketched her out onto the canvas.

She stands there observing him before objecting, “Not me. Could you paint something for me?” though the question was simple it confused him, “You don’t want me to paint you? What else could you want me to paint?” Dante questioned. She stood with utter confidence, “I want you to paint yourself. See the beauty you see in everyone else within yourself”. This was something Dante had never done before so he accepted the request, “Meet me here tomorrow morning and I will have you a painting.” The little girl strolled away with the biggest smile.

Dante went home to portray himself on a canvas, to which he found quite difficult. While he sat in front of a mirror sketching himself, he found he could not get the sketch right. He was drawing what he wanted to be portrayed as, so he decided that was what he would do. He painted till he saw a mirror of what he wanted to be in front of him.

As the next morning arose, he found himself excited to present the painting to the little girl. Again, she wandered towards him with such grace he could not forget. The little girl caught sight of the painting. She looked between Dante and the painting as if to compare them. The little girl’s lead by curiosity, “I don’t doubt your abilities but the painting does not look like you.” Dante responded quickly, “You said to paint the beauty in myself so I did.” “You see many beauties in people though you cannot see it within yourself? I find you lovely whether you appear to be or not. For it is who you are,” the little girl spoke with such wisdom.

It was at that point that Dante realized paintings should be true to who people are and not something that was picture perfect. Dante Coronado would go on to be a famous renowned painter for painting people for who they truly are.