Canines vs. Felines

The great debate over which animal is better!


Krasimir Georgiev

We love our dogs!

Cameron C., 8th Grade Cedar Grove Middle School

It seems like there is an all out brawl between cats and dogs right now. I’m here to talk about which one is the superior animal to own. In my opinion, dogs are better than cats because dogs have way more energy and play more than cats do. I like animals that are more friendly. As dogs get older, they get calmer, but on the other hand, the older cats get, the wilder they get.  

If you want a wild and funny animal to be in your home, or one that is independent and requires less attention, then you should go with a feline. But if you want a friend to be right by your side, love you no matter what you do, and always forgive you the next day; then your best option is the canine. 

But whichever one you choose is totally your choice. For me, I chose dogs. So I want you to think about which animal you like better as a companion. 

Helena Lopes

Don’t forget to check out your local shelters to adopt animals that need a home!