Waller Family Pre-Thanksgiving Scare – Part 2


Brendan Connelly, Contributing Writer

Back on the boat, the kids were still in the same sitting position roped in their seats and mouths taped shut, gasping for air. All they could do was sit, wait, and pray. By the third day, the kids began to worry, and they were getting weaker. The kids could not eat, could not sleep, and could barely breathe. The night was cold. They had no blankets, or pillows. They were shivering and shaking in their seats trying to keep warm.

Under their breath they were screaming, “Mommy, Daddy we’re scared! Please come save us!” They unfortunately knew that no one could hear them. They began to fear that they would never go home again, nor see their parents or friends ever again. As day turned to night, the kids’ fears intensified as they heard a storm brewing. The boat began to dip into the water. An even more frightening sight came to them when water began to fill the boat. The waves were rough. The boat was swaying back and forth. The kids were horrified. They knew then they were in trouble. However, once it looked as though all hope was lost, a miracle occurred.

A patrol boat was out checking the waters and saw their boat sinking. A patrolman named Steve called for help immediately after he was able to survey the boat. When he opened up the boat, the sight he saw was shocking and gruesome. He saw two cute young boys who looked very close to death. They looked tired and starved. Steve called for a helicopter and took them to a hospital. Besides being tired and starved they luckily were fine.

Meanwhile, Mario and George had snuck on a plane to Florida with six cases of stolen money. They were about to board a cruise ship to take them to the Bahamas when the security guard asked them to come in for questioning. It just came across the news that the Twin Waller boys were found trapped in a sailboat off the Delaware River. A dead woman’s body that was identified as Sharon Davis, a local teen babysitter, was also found. They said the boat had belonged to two illegal immigrants.  Mario and George knew they were screwed. They were arrested and put in jail for 25 years. They had stolen $5 million and were murderers. They had stolen a boat and broken into the Waller home, killed the babysitter, kidnapped the children, and nearly killed them. The criminals now sit where they belong, in jail. That night when they were rescued, the parents went to bed early and missed the news broadcast. At 1 AM, however, they got a phone call they would never forget.

A policeman called in saying that their two 9-year-old children Tommy and Timmy were found stuck in a sailboat off the Delaware River. They were stuck in there for four days, all roped in with no food and barely any sleep. Luckily, they were found by Patrolman Steve who sent them to a hospital. The parents were relieved. They took a deep breath, and thanked God that all had worked out fine. More good news came when three days later, the boys returned home, just in time for Thanksgiving.  Steve came to their Thanksgiving dinner and the Waller’s all thanked God they were back together again, safe and sound.