Just call me April

John Gozzi, Contributing Writer

Author, John Gozzi

Life is about “moments.” Some are special and everlasting. This is about one of them.

A few weeks ago, our first grandchild was born and two weeks later we took a stroll to Connecticut to say hello. NOTE: Unless it’s an emergency, never, ever drive north on a Friday, especially on a three-day weekend! Regardless, after checking into our hotel we knocked on their door, and after a brief hello to the proud and sleep-deprived parents, they fetched the baby from the crib.

I forgot how tiny and helpless newborns are. He let us hold him for a bit, and he seemed to stare at us. After a while he had the tomato face–I guess he was hungry. And this is when the reeducation began. Babies can only see in black and white at first, secondly, they can’t eat but seem to need milk constantly, and thirdly, they sleep a lot, mostly when you want them awake. Our hearts went out to the “older” parents with the one-bedroom apartment.

The next day we returned, and the baby enjoyed us holding him provided we were standing and preferably, marching in circles. Sit down for a minute and he would get cranky. I did like the way he moved his arms like he was conducting an orchestra. He also seemed to like it when I called him Magoo. All in all, a cute kid whose features appeared to be cut and pasted–Mom’s nose and Dad’s cleft chin. He had fine, reddish blond hair. Apparently, eyebrows and eyelashes are late arrivers.

You’ve probably heard the adage, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” My rift on that is somewhat different, “A nickname is the ultimate form of flattery.” I have bestowed many nicknames. Some of my favorites are: Granite Man, the Usher, the Maestro, and Kaleidoscope (my daughter).

Getting back to the little fireball, his most startling feature are his eyes. Over time, eye color may change but right now they are the darkest blue imaginable, almost obsidian. Either way, they are striking and LARGE. Just like marbles only bigger.

All things considered I dub him, MARBLE BOY. May you live a happy and prosperous life.

Love Always,

Nono and Oma