Life Is Hard – Accept That…and Conquer It

Victor Fernandes, Contributing Writer


Victor Fernandez

For nearly three months, I have tackled a challenge that consistently produces looks of shock and astonishment–and in some cases, horror–simply by mentioning its name. 75 Hard.

Then I outline what the challenge entails, and that’s often met with phrases like “No way” or “Hard pass” or other responses that would need to be cleaned up for print.

Here’s a brief synopsis…complete a series of tasks every day for 75 straight days.

Snap a progress photo. Follow a healthy diet. No cheat meals. Drink a gallon of water. Abstain from alcohol. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book. Work out twice a day, 45 minutes apiece, with one workout held outside.

No modifications, no substitutions–and most especially, no excuses. An unforeseen obligation popped up–so what? Life’s increasingly getting in the way these days–do the work anyway.

I get it, it seems daunting. But each task, taken individually, is relatively simple to do. Some take very little time and effort. Progress photos take a few seconds. Reading 10 pages takes 10-15 minutes. Eating a healthy diet and drinking a gallon of water should fit seamlessly into everyday life because we should be eating healthy and drinking plenty of water every day.

Two workouts a day seems overwhelming, until you learn they can be whatever exercise you’re doing right now. Like to lift weights? Lift weights for 45 minutes. Like to walk? Go for a 45-minute walk. Like to dance? Go dancing.

One task – abstaining from alcohol–requires doing nothing.

Here’s the real challenge–completing all these tasks every day, without fail. Here’s why… In today’s society, we spend our days keeping busy with tasks we believe are priorities, but often don’t move us closer to our goals in life. Health and fitness is a priority for us, and they treat it as such. Others say it’s a priority, but don’t follow through on that thought.

For those specific people, health and fitness becomes a convenience, tasks we will get to if and when we have time, as life gets busier. As time continues to slip away from them, health and fitness soon becomes an afterthought. Accepting the 75 Hard challenge (and I have completed the program twice) forces me to prioritize my life, be intentional with my daily schedule, and focus on consistent action.

Along the way, I discover what’s important and what isn’t in my life, and the healthy habits I need to incorporate to maintain the plan in place long after conquering the challenge. I’m not saying to run out and tackle 75 Hard (unless you want to, of course). What I am saying is: Life is a series of priorities. We determine what they are in our lives. If health and fitness isn’t on the list, soon enough life makes it a priority for us in the form of health issues. We either invest in our wellness or in our illness.

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