Things That Made My Spring Break Good

Things That Made My Spring Break Good

Hailey Leggett, 6th Grade Town Creek Middle School


One-day last week I went to the pool with my mom and my siblings, aunt, and my cousins. What I did first was I tried to get in the pool but it was freezing cold. I immediately got out of the pool and went to go get my towel. Then 30 minutes later I went back in to swim then I ended up getting used to the water.

Then Friday afternoon I went to dinner with my grandma, brother, and my cousin. My cousin was asking grandma to get “baby back ribs.” My grandma said no because she thought he would waste it. Grandma ended up getting it because of his complaining. She was right, he wasted the “baby back ribs’’.

Then after we all ate we went to Dollar Tree to buy stuff. When we went home my brother sang a song and played his guitar. He did so well.

Also, a couple of weeks ago we adopted a girl puppy. I named her Alison.