Too Many Broken Dreams

Too Many Broken Dreams

Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer

Last night I closed my eyes, when time to fall asleep,

Shut the world out of my mind, soon I was falling deep,

I traveled through the “Land of dreams” and across the bridge to “What will be”,

Then suddenly there in front of me, were the reasons for our broken dreams…


In the valley where “Our wills collide”, I saw the garden where they grow “The lies,” 

I passed the fields of “Bad decisions” and saw mountains of “Inhibitions”,

I came upon “Our greatest fears” among miles and miles of “No one cares”, 

And the door was locked to “The Golden Rule” but not the one to “Being cruel.”


There were cobwebs on “Be kind to others” and dust on “Listen to your mother,” 

The lights were out at “Love thy neighbor ” and all was quiet at “Doing favors,”

I watched as “Good intentions” and “Grand illusions” slowly floated past,

And the bus to “Honor and Integrity” was just sitting there “Out of gas” …


I finally reached the end, not sure what I would see, 

And found myself standing, knee deep in broken dreams,

A voice that sounded familiar said:  “please take one with you,”

You’ll find happiness, if you can make that dream come true!


So, I picked one of them up, to take it home with me,

Then, the sun shown in my window and I awoke from my sleep,

I sat there rubbing my eyes, then took a look at that dream,

It said:  “God help us all to get along, that’s what we really need.”


Now, I’m asking everyone, who has ever had this dream,

Let’s listen to one another, we’re all part of the same team,

And if each of us would be kinder and lend a helping hand,

We could all learn to get along, according to God’s plan.


You may not choose to believe my dream and with that I am okay,

But, too darn many dreams are broken and it’s happening everyday,

So, if you see a broken dream and there’s anything you can do,

You’ll find happiness, if you can make that dream come true…

The End