Leland Middle School Presents A Special Gift



Leland Middle School Creative Writing WIN Class 2022-2023

Jan Morgan-Swegle, Editor




On Friday, May 5, the Journalism Club at Leland Middle School presented Gerald Decker, Publisher of Cape Fear Voices/Teen Scene, with a gift of thanks for his efforts in helping them become better writers. The students created a paper with messages from them written inside.  In an email to the group, Mr. Decker responded by saying, “I was so moved and thankful for your gift of a lifetime today in class. Several of them actually caused me to swell with emotion and pride. As any educator will admit, if we can make the life of even one young person better, then our efforts are worth every minute of our time. Today, I was given the realization, that I may have contributed in some small way to improving the school experience for all of these wonderful writers.

You will never know how much I appreciate your effort to make this “paper” for me. I will treasure this forever. As a good journalist, (and hopefully a writer someday), I am putting this in my book of very valuable collections to help me remember the wonderful year I spent with all of you.
I hope to see you all again next year. I hope those going on to high school next year will remember that once a writer for The Teen Scene, you are always a writer for The Teen Scene.
Ms. Pender, Mr. Black, and Ms. Thompson thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support to me over the past two years. And of course, my editor and “Top Gun” Ms. Swegle, you’re the best.
Don’t forget to read the website. You have amazing work on there that is being read around the world.”