The End is Upon Us

Yay for summer break!


A beach view of the Maldives.

Josh M., Journalist - 8th grade

So it is that time of the year again. The end of the school year. The time that we all are getting ready to take the final exams. It’s also almost time for summer break. So now we are all getting our year books and trying to get ready for the next school year. 

Yet what are you wanting to do now that we will be out of school? Some of us are going to hang out with our friends and go to the beach. Others of us are going to stay at home and just rest while they can. And some people will be working either for their neighbors or a company or their parents to get some money for the things we want to buy. Now my message to everyone is to enjoy your time off! Don’t think about school or work. Just have fun being a kid while you can!