Bottled Up

Michael H.

The raging storm will always endure, only you can choose to break or survive

I am the feeling you get when your pride is weakened, Anger

I am the feeling you get when you wish to be someone else, Envy

I am the feeling you get when you are not strong enough, Fear

I am what makes you all the things you hate and wish to leave behind

When you put me in a bottle and cast me into the sea of your mind sinking endlessly

In your future hopes and dreams

As time goes on you forget me, until you reach for those dreams. 

And the bottle comes rising to the surface

Back on the ship that is your life

Inside is a note, a secret you want to be hidden

Something you wished would be swallowed whole by the pressure

And one day you know the top will pop off letting me and all the others you forgot

Out to control you, to drive you towards dependency on us to survive

Driving away all the others that influence you 

Because it is easier to sink in the bottom than to face the storms on the ship

The raging tides and crackling lightning 

To find the other side of that storm and to find peace on calmer tides