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 Just Another Halloween 



There at my door, were monsters, werewolves and more,

I gave them candy, and made them my friends, 

I told the stories I know, of Halloweens long ago,

And trick or treaters, never seen again…


There’s the story of Jake, who was seen by the lake,

Trying to swim with a brick tied to his leg.

There was a hole in his boat, so it probably didn’t float,

I wonder if he knew the backstroke?


Then I talked about Fred, who lived in my shed,

For as long as I could remember,

He never did what I said, I wonder if he’s dead,

Or maybe just a little dismembered…


I caught them off guard when I talked about Bernard,

Who they found buried in my backyard,

They also found Clyde, buried right by his side, 

I can’t believe where those guys like to hide!


Then there was Harry, Larry and the Dorchester Twins,

It seems they’re all missing again,

Don’t look in my crawl space, it’s a real dirty place,

Just ask my family and friends…


Loose boards on my porch and my sidewalks are slippery,

I can’t help it if people are dying to meet me,

Candy’s what they wanted, but some houses are haunted, 

Now, they’re all part of my Halloween Mystery…







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