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There On Her Porch…  

  (In honor of all our veterans, young and old.  May we never forget your sacrifice.)



How could a pretty little girl, always look so down,

Sitting there on her front porch, wearing such a frown,

Makes you wonder what she’s thinking, sitting there alone,

What secret is she keeping, every one would like to know.


She been sitting there all day, that seems a little funny,

It makes you wonder if, she’s waiting for somebody, 

She’s been there everyday, for quite awhile now,

Just sitting patiently, all alone with her little dog.


Her daddy goes away for months, and he’s seldom ever home,

Perhaps that’s who she’s waiting for, I hope that nothing’s wrong,

Day after day we see her there, when we pass by her house,

Sometimes she waves, but never smiles, just there sitting by herself. 


Then finally one day a bus rolled up, and a Soldier disembarked,

Like she was shot out of a cannon, she flew into her daddy’s arms,

And for a little girl and her dog, the wait was finally over,

It’s like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.


Soon the whole town showed up, to welcome that soldier home,

Waving the red, white and blue, for that family on their porch,

They cheered as he embraced his wife, he’d been away for far too long,

He always went where he was needed, now he was finally home. 


Everyone thanked him for his service and for all that he had done,

Proudly serving his country and defending our nation’s freedom,

He says there’s no place like home, and he’d seen enough of the world,

It was time to settle down, with his wife, that dog and his pretty little girl.


            THE END


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Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer
Dan Neizmik is a Contributing Writer for Cape Fear Voices.

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