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Looking For Good Leaders…

NOTICE:  “Leaders wanted”  Must believe in truth, freedom and the American dream.
Looking For Good Leaders…


You can watch the snow, when it’s falling down, 

And wait for it to melt, so you can see the ground,

You can watch the rain, falling from the sky,

And wait to see the sun, so everything will dry.


The snow will melt, and the sun will shine,

But is waiting how you want to spend your time?

Going with the flow, and never being in control,

Just waiting and accepting what you find?


You could be waiting all your life, just doing what you’re told,

Or, do what you know is right, and believe in what you know, 

Too many followers in this world, following other people’s words, 

Good leaders take control, and they can change the world.


The snow will melt and the sun will shine, sure as stars are in the sky,

Likewise,  countries without good leaders, will surely fall apart in time,

Are we destined to repeat, other nation’s history… seems that we might be,

We could surely use a strong new leader, who can keep our country free!




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Dan Neizmik
Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer
Dan Neizmik is a Contributing Writer for Cape Fear Voices.

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