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Fake Smile

Photo by lesly-juarez on Unsplash


If they truly knew the sadness

That was behind that mask you’re wearing.

That smile that you are portraying

To hide the battle wounds of the heart.


I am all good while secretly

Wiping away a tear that slips off your cheek

While praying to God that no one notices the slip-up.

Because nothing is supposed to break us,

We are tougher than nails,

At least that is what we are conditioned to believe.


Playing along like life is a happy show

That people pay to see, but once you leave…

True feelings bubble up to the surface,

Like a volcano that is going to erupt,

And lonely hits like a punch to the face.


The silence is deafening,

And you’re sitting in your thoughts of isolation,

Wondering why all your friends hate you.

But in reality, that’s far from the truth.


Withdrawing from your surroundings,

You try to numb your broken heart

With social media reels and validations of others

To boost your bruised ego.


Oh, how you’re wishing upon a shooting star

That someone would outstretch their hand

And pull you out of the misery

That keeps you stuck, inside of your emotions.


My dear, if you truly knew just how loved you are

Then life’s waves wouldn’t faze you,

And this too shall pass.

Giving us hope for a better tomorrow.

Oh, how you would be able to display a genuine smile.





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Kaitlyn Steve
Kaitlyn Steve, Contributing Writer
Hello my name is Kaitlyn Steve. I am from Ukraine and came to the United States when I was four and a half years old. I am currently 26 years old, and I live in Shallotte, North Carolina. I enjoy writing poetry.

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