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We Need to Work Together

A compromise is possible!
Brett Jordan
Start Making Changes

234 years ago, we had our very first president, George Washington. We currently have over 10 political parties. All it is doing is pulling us apart. Not the parties itself, but how we are using The Democrats and Republicans as an excuse. It’s us who are always arguing. Yes, it is human, but for what purpose?  We are hating each other because of a political party name.  There’s nothing wrong with having a political party, but when it is to the point where we are hating each other because of it, this separation needs to stop. We now need a new Speaker of the House due to the division of party lines, and America is about to get shut down! 

We need to stand arm to arm, shoulder to shoulder. We put these people in power to help us, not to have it their way. This is not Jimmy’s or Tammy World. I’m in the 8th grade and I know better. They are adults over the age of 26. Come on now. Do I need to drive over eight hours to teach them how to run the country?

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