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Mako Sharks

Elaine Brewer
Shortfin Mako shark.

There are two different kinds of Mako sharks: shortfin and normal. Mako sharks are the fastest sharks. They also have no bones in their bodies. 

Mako sharks have a unique habitat. For example, Mako sharks live in fresh or tropical water. They can survive in deep AND shallow waters. Despite this, Mako sharks are easily confused when their food behaves differently than normal and when water currents change abruptly. 

A Mako’s diet consists of three different types of fish: tuna, other sharks, and swordfish. Their diet depends on their habitat. For example, Mako sharks eat tuna in warm temperate water. Mako sharks eat swordfish in tropical waters. Mako sharks eat other types of sharks in both places. 

Since Mako sharks eat so much food, let’s see what tries to eat them. Interestingly, Mako sharks have three different predators. Imagine that, there’s an animal in the ocean that’s more devastating than a shark. All the fish that eat Mako sharks are larger sharks, swordfish and dolphins. Yes, that’s right. Makos eat swordfish and swordfish eat them back. I know, it’s ironic. 

If you didn’t like Mako sharks before this article, I hope you’ll take the time to learn more about these interesting creatures. 


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