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Sleep Tight


When I’m tucked into bed and my parents shut off the lights

they believe I’ve already slept in tight

but in reality, I lay there motionless

waiting for the darkness to come surround me

yet tonight was different

he didn’t come

the darkness was gone

maybe just maybe he left me be.

Maybe I could finally be without that shadow always behind me.

But then there was a noise but it was different

it was the door opening and there it was

the shadowy figure in the frame

it was all the same as before

not a word would come out

and I couldn’t move for the shadow crept closer

whilst I screamed yet not a peep came out

I was quiet as a mouse.

Around my bed, the shadow went

only to stop at my head.

Not to lay a finger, just a stare and look deep inside my soul

I do not dare move.

But then the shadow man faded into the air.

As the sun crept up over the fields

I knew the shadow man was gone for the night

but tomorrow he might give me a fright.

Photo by Rene Bohmer on Unsplash

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