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The Walking Dead Show in Review


The Walking Dead is a very popular Netflix series written, created, and executive produced by the very talented Robert Kirkman. The phenomenal series was first aired on October 31st, 2010, and ended with 11 seasons on August 22nd, 2021. I have been watching the show for about a year now, and here is my opinion on it.

The first episode begins with police officer Rick Grimes getting into a shooting accident on the job. About a month later, he wakes up in an abandoned hospital, all alone with growling coming from every locked door. He runs to his house in a panic to soon realize that this is a zombie apocalypse, filled with the walking dead, also known as “the walkers.” Eventually, Rick gets on his feet and finds his family and his son, but unfortunately, throughout the whole show, peace never lasts for long, and the family never ends up together in the end.

The Walking Dead is not only a gorey, breathtaking thriller series but covers topics that will leave you in sorrow. Issues like Rick’s son Carl growing up way too fast, learning how to unalive walkers to save his family, which should not be a child’s responsibility. Family members are often sick and injured, Mothers lose their children to a small zombie bite, and groups have to find new groups of strangers at first to stay alive.

There are many betrayals that occur all around. So the main theme is survival, but to do that, they need to have trust in each other. Therefore, I love how much this show covers the growth of people who survive each season and how those characters bond with their new family members who they learn to believe in and trust throughout the constant running for danger.

It is amazing to see one show cover so many subjects in one series; because of this, I believe that anybody could find something great they like about it, as it is not just one genre. Overall, I recommend The Walking Dead to anyone who loves to see adventure, family, romance, thrillers, and just about anything. Throughout it all, there will never fail to be intense moments to always keep you on your toes. You can find it all when watching this amazing show, The Walking Dead.

Photo by Yohann Libot on Unsplash

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