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Nothing Happened

Photo by Ouael Ben Salah on Unsplash

Samara is peacefully walking to the gas station to get some gum and a soda. Opening the door with her wallet in hand, she doesn’t really think about looking to see if anything is happening inside because there is nothing to see. It is a gas station. Why would she expect something to happen?

She just wanted her gum, but all she saw was blood. Blood was everywhere. Samara’s body has three different reactions in stressful situations: flight, freeze, and humor. Her body chose to freeze for three minutes, and then she was fine. She looked at the register and saw that no one was there. The first thing that she should probably do is call the cops, but this is such a good opportunity, and Samaras was broke. Now she can get more than a soda and gum, and that’s a good thing. But first, Samara was a little nauseous, but she was fine; nothing was happening. This isn’t a crime scene at all. She’s going to need some new shoes after this. If Samara is going to rob this place, she needs to be nice about it. So, Samara grabbed a bag or two and started to raid the store, or at least the stuff that wasn’t expired. This says a lot about this gas station because whatever happened had to have happened recently. That probably means she should hurry up. Either the police would come soon, or the murderer would. She really needed to take her shoes off. Ooooooh, honey buns.

Then there were cop cars outside the store with Samara looking like she just committed murder. Blood was smeared on her hands and her shoes, and her shirt got blood from Samara trying to wipe it off her hands. So, it wasn’t looking very good for her. She then grabbed her multiple bags of snack food and sodas and ran out the back, which was kind of weird because there was no one out the back. You would have thought the police would be smarter than to leave an exit unblocked. “I guess they’re dumber than I thought,” Samara said to herself.

Samara is not a criminal, but if she were, then her first resort wouldn’t be to be where you can clearly see the cop cars.  She ran as far as she could from the gas station to her car and then safely started driving to her one-bedroom apartment with no cop cars in sight.


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