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The Importance of Summer Reading

The Importance of Summer Reading
Photo by Violet A.

Reprinted with permission from Brunswick County Early College High School’s The Firebird Times.

Summer is a time for fun but also a time to keep one’s brain active. That’s where summer reading comes in. It might seem like just another school assignment, but reading during the summer is actually super important, especially for freshmen like those at Brunswick Early College High.

First, summer reading helps people keep their brains sharp. When spending months away from school, the brain can start to forget things learned during the year. Reading helps prevent that. It’s like giving the brain a little workout every day, and when coming back to school in the fall, people aren’t starting from scratch, but instead, they are still sharp and ready to learn.

Next, reading during the summer helps us become better readers. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, the more we read, the better we get at it. And the better we get at reading, the easier school becomes. Plus, reading different kinds of books helps us learn new words and phrases. It’s like expanding our vocabulary without even trying. But summer reading isn’t just about school stuff. It’s also a chance for people to explore new worlds. When we crack open a book, we’re not just reading words on a page. People are traveling to different places and meeting all kinds of interesting characters. People can go on adventures without ever leaving their homes. How cool is that?

Another big reason why summer reading matters is because it helps people understand other people better. When people read stories about people who are different from us, it teaches them empathy. People start to see things from their point of view. And that makes people better friends, classmates, and citizens.

Finally, summer reading is just plain fun. There are so many amazing books out there waiting to be discovered. Whether people are into mysteries, fantasy, romance, or anything else, there’s a book for everyone. And there’s nothing better than getting lost in a great story on a lazy summer day.

In conclusion, summer reading is super important for ninth graders like us. It keeps our brains sharp, helps us become better readers, lets us explore new worlds, teaches us empathy, and is a whole lot of fun. So, let’s make the most of our summer break and dive into some awesome books!

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