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Cape Fear Voices and The Teen Scene is Named 2024 Non-Profit of the Year by the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

Cape Fear Voices/The Teen Scene

Cape Fear Voices / The Teen Scene named 2024 Non-Profit of the Year by North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

Cape Fear Voices/The Teen Scene

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An Enchanted Forest

Mystical Fairy Walk Path in forest
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Mystical Fairy Walk Path in forest

I think that most people have heard the well-known story of David and Goliath.  But, there happens to be an equally compelling story about a different David and Goliath that you may not have heard.  The boy named David in this story, like the other David, was also searching for courage, confidence, and the fortitude to overcome his fears.  

One day the young boy named David was visiting his grandmother at her farm.  He was no stranger to a bit of mischief and was curious and careless about everything around him.  David’s grandmother asked him to go around back to the chicken coop and bring in a few eggs for dinner.  As David approached the big red chicken coop he could hear the hens clucking happily.  But, in a separate coop off to the left, the roster was starting to crow angrily as David neared.  Oh, he planned on retrieving those eggs alright, but first he just had to have a peak at that mean old roster named Goliath!  Above the door, as if it were the throne of some Roman Emperor, was the name GOLIATH in big gold letters!

Now David never intended to do bad things, but there are those who would say he had “Occasional uncontrollable and unconscionable fluctuations in behavior”.  A more brief description might sound insulting, so we’ll just leave it at that!  Sure enough, despite his obvious fears, David opened the door to Goliath’s abode and like a bullet, or a very fast roster, Goliath escaped and was on the run!  David’s grandmother was furious and told him to “Catch that darn bird and bring it back!”  

Well, that darn Goliath, like a “Free Bird” at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, took off running down the hill towards the woods.  David was right on his “tail” or “trail”, (whatever) and followed him down the hill and through the wood to the pasture below.  And then, “Eureka!” David thought!  He had never seen anything like this before!  It was a lush green carpet-like pasture filled with beautiful gardens and magnificent flowers of all colors… red, white, yellow and pink!  And of course blue, purple and lavender!  And maybe even magenta, cyan and Red Dye #3… you get the picture!  And there were majestic green trees and gnats… and parsley, sage, rosemary… you know!  And that breath-taking morning mist on the meadow, which can only be imagined since this all happened in late afternoon!

Past the soft green grass was a gentle flowing brook, like one you’d see pictured on children’s “fairy-trail” or in a “fairy tale”, (whatever).  And finally, there was a beautiful, storybook-like bridge that led into a magical, enchanted forest. Suddenly, like he owned it or something, Goliath hightailed it right over that bridge and into the forest with David right on his, you know, (whatever)… anyway, David followed him!

When David entered the forest, he was simply shocked with amazement, he was awestruck, he was lost for words, stunned, astonished, flabbergasted… You know, he was really impressed!  There were huge, towering trees with sun beams shining down from the heavens through their magnificent branches as if created by J. R. R. Tolkien, himself.  The forest was plush with ferns, bright green moss and beautiful flowers of all colors, like red, white, yellow… Well, just like before.  The further David ventured down the forest path however, he became weary and just a little scared.  Goliath was nowhere to be seen!  The path had so many turns and splits in it… so many directions to go!

Then, off to his right on a stump, was a wise old owl just sitting there staring at him.  In frustration, David asked:  “Why are you watching me and why aren’t you some kind of talking owl or something, so you could help me get out of here”?  Then, to David’s surprise, and yours too I’ll bet, the owl said loud and clear:  “What were you expecting, maybe a tinman”?  David replied:  “then you can help me!”  Well, that wise old owl wasn’t about to let David out of that forest without first teaching him a few life lessons… or atleast having some fun messing with his mind a bit!

By this time, all the little animals of the forest were watching David.  Little bunnies, birds, squirrels and others not cute enough to mention, were peeking out from behind bushes, toadstools and flowers of all colors… like some nice colorful flowers!  Small animals all filled with love, joy and anticipation!  It was like they were all hopeful that David might stay and become their king and protector.  (But then, what do I know, I’m a human)!

Then the Wise Old Owl said: “David, the power to leave the forest, already lies deep within your heart and the knowledge that is needed, lies deep within your mind. The forest has taught you valuable lessons.  Your whole life you’ve done the first thing that comes to mind, never considering the consequences.  But, now you will possess both the courage and confidence to make effective decisions.”  And Oh!… By the way, is that your chicken???  Goliath was lying, trembling at David’s feet.  David bent down and picked him up under his arm.  The Wise Old Owl continued:  “You see, David, since the beginning of time, the only true secret to wealth and happiness is——-

AW NO!!!  No no no no…no!  “The batteries in my TRAIL CAM just died!”  Why why why why!  Aw crrrapppppppp!    What the how?!!!    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!    “Well, whatever!”

Honestly, I’m a little apprehensive about going down there to change those batteries!


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