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A Short Letter for Those Feeling Mentally Stuck in Quarantine


Heading into the 6-month check-in of being in quarantine, we find ourselves comparing where we used to be at the beginning of this process to now. The quarantine’s start felt really nerve-racking and mostly isolated for people, wondering about when this virus will start to die down. Having to distance ourselves from our busy lives and worry about the health of your friends and family.

However, there have been some benefits to this period as well. Life has been put to a pause on reality for a bit to allow us to be present with ourselves. Having so much free time, taking time out of the day to find personal interests that truly make you happy can boost your productivity. Many young people wanted to come back from this isolation with a refreshed mindset for the new school year. One of the benefits of this quarantine was advocating self-care habits. It allows us to grow our creativity, imagination, and self-esteem despite the chaos in the world.

Often in times of distress, we think of the worst possible outcomes, which can be dangerous for our mind, continually feeding into that doubt. However, self-care can play a role in how you view your mental health, which has been back and forth for many people this quarantine. When you feel stuck in your routine and want to venture out into something new, finding things that entertain you can help bring some positive energy into your schedule.

Justin McQueen, 13, is an 8th grade student at Cape Fear Center for Inquiry is using his spare time to learn woodworking from his Dad, Joe. Justin also enjoys playing games, writing and even enjoys doing his homework.

These interests could be journaling, gardening, dancing, yoga, painting, craft-making, reading, cooking, etc. These activities help to develop your brain and are a way to express yourself while still being safe in self-isolation. There are also lots of online resources, websites, and videos that can guide you along the way with whatever activity you choose to do. One of the new activities that I picked up over quarantine was mediation practice; it helped ease my mind and connect with my emotions during periods of anxiousness and fear during the pandemic. Eventually, it got embedded in my everyday life!

Finally, during this period of uncertainty, keep in mind that every day is different and constantly changing. Quarantine has been teaching everyone patience – whether they like or not. At the end of the day, we are all in this together; most of us have never been through something this severe, let alone a worldwide pandemic.

Remember to conserve your energy and put effort into things that can help calm and relax you. Keeping your soul and mind intact should be one of your top priorities, as it can affect how you portray yourself as a person. On the days where you feel stuck in this isolation, try to observe moments that you?re grateful for, count your blessings, re-evaluate your emotions, personality, character, etc. Take this extended free time to work on abilities for you to come out stronger on the other side.

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